OOTD: Neon and Silver Linings.

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Shirt – Old Navy // Shorts – Forever 21 (similar here and here) // Wallet – Burlington Coat Factory (similar here) // Shoes – Soigné Fashion // Jewelry – chloe + isabel
Life is short. There have been so many tragedies this past year with Robin Williams, the lack of closure for the friends and family of those who were lost in both Malaysian Airline flights, and everything happening in Hamsa. It’s absolutely crazy and mind-boggling to me. I cannot fathom why these types of things happen. With all of the negative things happening in the press though, I think it’s really important to look for the silver linings. Lace and Combat Boots is meant to be a positive, happy and inspiring place, and I would definitely consider myself a silver-lining kind of girl.
That being said, I think the aforementioned tragedies are even more reason to do what makes you happy. Take off your heels and run around in flats, bunny slippers or whatever floats your boat. Wear neon, studs, and zebra print all at once if you want to. Throw caution to the wind and jump into the unknown. There are so many things in life that we can’t control and it’s important to take a look at what we can.

It’s important to step out and be comfortable in who you are (and definitely what you’re wearing). If it were up to me and I didn’t think I would get judged by oh, I don’t know, every person on the train or at the office, I would probably wear sweatpants every day. But since I can’t bring myself to wear them outside of the house, I’ve got to say that this outfit is probably the next best thing in terms of comfort and style. Maybe it’s the California girl in me, but there’s something to be said about a really comfortable vintage-style tee, high waisted shorts and a fun pair of boots. It’s relaxed, but has just enough going on to make it look like you tried.

The best thing about a comfy outfit though? It gives you more room to play. You don’t have to worry about pulling a Marilyn when the subway zooms past you or about constantly having to adust anything. That whole thing I mentioned earlier about finding a silver lining? Well, it’s a lot easier when you’re not wearing five inch heels.


What’s been your silver lining lately? What about your go-to pieces when you’re in desperate need of comfort?

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 Photos by Guerrilla Photography


  1. you must have gotten that bracelet from the sample sale :D
    i will make u skype me for the next one so i can pick some stuff out too! :)

  2. So cute! Comfortable outfits are the best, always good to be able to have fun without worrying about any fashion disasters! x

  3. So sad to hear about Robin Williams. And a big yes to this gorgeous outfit. Especially love it paired with the booties!! <3

    PS – More hikes for sure. So therapeutic getting into nature!


    • It’s a big shame to hear about Robin Williams. He was such a talented and funny human being. He’s definitely left a great legacy for himself though.

      Thanks so much for your comment, V. You definitely made me smile and are a great motivator for spending more time in nature (:

  4. This outfit is lovely- so simple, but I love the pale colours together, they look so summery!

    Your ring is lovely too!

    Grace’s Beauty Space xo

    • It’s such a pleasure to meet you, Grace! Thank you for the kind words – summer is one of my favorite seasons and I always have a ton of fun getting dressed when I know it’s going to be beautiful out!

  5. Such cute shorts!

  6. I love your boots! They’re so cute and fun!

  7. Love the outfit combo! Great boots to transition into fall with!



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