Sharing Clothes and Sisterly Love.


Dress – Modcloth (sold out, but similar here and here) // Rings – chloe + isabel // Necklace – Capwell + Co. (similar here) // Shoes - Crossroads Trading Co. // Wallet – Thrifted // Nail Polish – Essie in For The Twill of It

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had the most wonderful weekend. My little sister has been visiting New York for the past week or so we spent the weekend running around and eating everything in sight. We’ve argued once or twice (as sisters do), raided each other’s closets (or suitcase), went on an epic five mile long walk, saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and also enjoyed some Peanut Butter Cup Perfection (that’s really the name of the ice cream at Coldstone for the record). It’s been crazy, but a ton of fun, so it’s only fitting that she blog crashed if only for a little bit.

OOTD-MELANIE-SUTRATHADA-12OOTD-MELANIE-SUTRATHADA-4When we got dressed yesterday morning, we had no intention of matching, but I guess it’s just a sister thing, right? She borrowed one of my black dresses and slipped on a comfy pair of flats and her favorite statement necklace. Meanwhile, I pulled on a comfy Modcloth dress, heeled boots from Crossroads and one of my go-to Capwell + Co. necklaces. We had no idea that our outfits coordinated until we were standing in line at Coldstone ogling the different flavors. I guess we really are sisters (I think that means I need to stop telling her she was adopted). Since we’ve gotten older, we’ve bonded a lot more over our love for clothes and style, and it’s been awesome to see that grow. With our love for simple silhouettes and big baubles, I have a feeling we’re going to be sneaking pieces from each other’s closets for a long time.

It’s little things like our obsessions with peanut butter ice cream and “borrowing” pieces from one another that make me smile from ear to ear. Why? Because I love ice cream almost as much as I love shiny things. If I offer you some, that means you’re pretty awesome and you’re stuck with me for the rest of forever. Yes, really.


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Photos by Guerrilla Photography

Summer Essentials (While Summer is Still Here).


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Am I the only one feeling like summer has flown by? One minute I’m on Modcloth with 10 of their amazing bathing suits in my shopping cart and the next everyone in New York is talking about how excited they are for sweater weather and pumpkin flavored coffee. Summer is definitely one of my favorite seasons, so it’s hard to see it come and go so fast.

I recently connected with Raise, the first online marketplace to buy and sell gift cards and turn unused gift cards into cash (amazing, I know!). Their site has tons of amazing gift card brands like H&M and Banana Republic, and really is awesome for helping you to save money in the summer and any other time of the year! For example, you can buy a $100 gift card for only $84.50, which means you’re getting 15.5% off immediately. Can you imagine if you went and bought something with that same H&M gift card that was already on a crazy sale? #dealsondeals

After looking through their site, I was inspired me to put together a list of my summer essentials and a few things still on my wishlist. As a born and bred California girl, I’ve pretty much had this list down pat for my entire life. Putting it down on paper (or online) was so much fun! The first things that came to mind are Neutrogena sunscreen and comfy Modcloth sandals – comfort and sun protection are key when you’re going to the beach and running around in the sun. Style-wise, this summer has been all about mixing classic staples like simple (and insanely cheap) H&M sunnies with more trendy pieces like the gorgeous BaubleBar piece above. I’ve been leaning towards bright pops of color all summer because they represent everything summer should be – fun, carefree and memorable.

Since there’s technically still about a week and a half left of summer, you can bet that I’ll be pulling out all my favorite pieces as much as possible. What’s on your list of summer essentials? Let me know on Twitter or Facebook today! 

*This is not a sponsored post. I just had a feeling you’d all love the idea behind Raise. I know I’m not the only one who has random gift cards from long-lost relatives hiding in my wallet!

OOTD: Hugssy and Making A Statement.

MELANIE-SUTRATHADA-OOTD-13 MELANIE-SUTRATHADA-OOTD-7Dress – Crossroads Trading Co. // Necklace and earrings courtesy of Hugssy // Shoes – Buffalo Exchange (similar here) // Wallet – Thrifted

Happy Tuesday darlings! Hope you’ve all had the most amazing weekend and are getting the week started off nicely. It’s been a busy few days, so I’ve been trying to keep it simple and really focus on the task at hand. That being said, I’ve probably worn this Theory dress (scored brand new with tags from Crossroads for $22.50, by the way!) about ten times these past few weeks. I can’t help myself! It’s really comfortable, requires zero tucking (one of the best things about dresses versus skirts) and it has pockets! Let’s be real, anything with pockets is automatically a win. Suffice it to say that this amazing Crossroads find is pretty much my favorite dress at the moment. What I really love about it though is that it’s so versatile. I threw a hoodie and chucks on with it this Saturday and then turned around today and added some va va voom with this gorgeous Hugssy necklace and a matching pair of earrings. Not only has my love for little black dresses been renewed, but I’m falling head over heels for bold jewelry again – both are perfect when you’re strapped for time and/or would rather be eating pizza than staring into the infinite black hole that is your closet.


This Hugssy statement necklace in particular is a new favorite because it’s such a showstopper. It’s called the “Gloria” and I feel like it really does all the talking for me. When you’re constantly on the go, standing in front of your closet and trying to figure out something to wear for half an hour can really be frustrating, especially if you were supposed to have left the house five minutes ago and haven’t even had breakfast yet (not that I do that almost every other day, of course). When Hugssy reached out to me about their company, I was automatically drawn to the “Gloria” and I’m finding that I’ve actually been leaning towards bigger and bolder pieces recently. While I’ll always love simpler necklaces and pieces, I’m definitely feeling like a little sparkle can only make everything better.

What pieces have you been turning to lately? What are your thoughts on adding a little sparkle to your life and wardrobe? Connect with me on Twitter and Instagram today!

 Photos by Guerrilla Photography