Tying Up Loose Ends.

OOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaShirt – Express // Skirt – Target (actually a dress) // Sandals – Payless (similar here) // Jewelry courtesy of Chloe + Isabel // Purse – Vintage

It’s been pretty beautiful in New York and I am feeling so ready for the next few months. The sun has been shining, people are smiling (as much as New Yorkers are capable of) and I feel like there is so much possibility in the air. I’m feeling inspired to pursue more opportunities with my blog, writing, acting and even my wardrobe. I hope that you are feeling just as inspired and motivated wherever you are.

Things are starting to coming together in my life right now and I’m tying up loose ends (not just the ones on my blouse either). My most exciting news is that I’m going to start doing auditioning again! Even though it’s only been a few months since my last audition, it’s definitely nerve-wracking to get back in to it. I’ve been focusing a lot more on work, LACB and writing, so acting has been on the back burner.
What I’m realizing now is how often we put the things we care about on the back burner or we don’t talk about them because we’re embarrassed. I haven’t mentioned acting on the blog in a while because I haven’t really done much lately with it. I’ve been seeing plays and going to SAG-AFTRA workshops, but haven’t actually worked on a monologue or been in a scene study class in quite some time. To some degree, I’ve been embarrassed. Considering I moved across the country to pursue acting and continue my training and have done very little of either lately, I felt for a while like I was moving farther and farther away from my dreams and goals.
I’m realizing now that it’s ok to focus on other parts of your life though and that it doesn’t mean you’re unmotivated or unsuccessful. I am not defined by one specific thing. Yes, I’m an actress. But I am also a writer and a blogger. I’m a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and a friend too. I am all of these things, but none takes away from the other. Instead, they feed into one another and make me a better person. All these things make me who I am. And guess what? I am really proud. Who I am right now is enough. I am enough. Even if I’m not exactly where I want to be, I’m taking the steps I need to and I’m going to get there slowly but surely. Sending positive vibes and big hugs your way today. And just know that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are in your life, I’m rooting for you.


A Little Sparkle.

OOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaJacket – Ross (similar here and here) // Shirt – H & M (similar here) // Pants – Forever 21 // Shoes – Target // Bag – Vintage // Necklace courtesy of Eva Elm

Happy Monday darlings! I hope your week is off to a great start! Mine has been super productive, especially since I’ve been spending less time fussing around in my closet. I’ve been reaching for tons of basics lately which has made getting dressed so much easier. My current essentials are dark wash skinny jeans, black boots, a simple tee and loose waves. The leather jacket you see here is also becoming a huge favorite. It’s made by Guess but I picked it up for less than $20 at a Ross in California (you all already know how much I love a good deal)! To give each outfit an extra little kick, I’ve been throwing on some fun jewelry like the beautiful Camilla Collar necklace I’m wearing. It’s simple, yet it makes a statement and adds a bit of personality. I think pretty much every outfit can use a little sparkle – it’s what makes your outfit really pop.

I loved my necklace so much that Eva Elm is giving all my amazing readers 10% off your order with the code “LACB10″ from now until 6/1/2014! I hope you’ll take advantage of it and add a little sparkle to your closet too.

OOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaAre you following me on social media yet? A little surprise is coming to my Instagram tomorrow (:

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What I’m Loving In April.

4:12:14-April-LovesHappy Saturday, darlings! How was your week? I’d love to hear all about it! My week has been wonderful and I’m so excited for everything that is to come. I have a few things up my sleeve and can’t wait to share it with you! Details are still being finalized, but if all goes well, you’ll be seeing a lot more blogging and writing from me! Anywho, there are so many things in my life to be grateful for right now and I wanted to share a few of them with you. These are some of my April favorites!

1. ModelCo. Fibre LashXtend Lengthening Mascara
I’ve been using drugstore mascaras my entire life, (paying $40 for one just sounds ridiculous to me) but may be trading in my Maybelline Falsies for this baby. The ModelCo. mascara looks really natural and has these tiny fibers that attach to your lashes and makes them look longer and really lush. It’s water-resistant too, which means that I don’t have to worry about looking like a crazy crying woman on Jerry Springer every time NYC decides that unexpected rain sounds fun.

2. K. Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle
This little travel-sized candle is amazing! I’ve recently started lighting a few around the house after dinner and the peony scent is my absolute go-to. Fresh flowers sometimes feel a little wasteful for me because of how little time I actually spend at home, so lighting a candle that smells like my favorite flower as it blooms is a good compromise. Also, I love that this specific candle is 100% vegetable wax made from renewable resources and grown by American farmers.

3. Chloe + Isabel Jardins Du Midi Perfume
Perfume is one of my favorite little luxuries. Joe gave a bottle of Vera Wang Princess as a present a few years ago and I love a spritz or two on special occasions! One of my amazing friends Becca surprised me with this amazing perfume recently and it’s all I’ve been wearing! It’s bright, feminine and floral – which is about as up my alley as cowboy boots, dresses and avocado (ie. absolute essentials in my life). This may become my every day go-to scent!

4. Laqa & Co. Polish Pen
This polish pen was way more fun than it should have been for me! I’ve fallen in love with nail polish over the past few months – an at-home manicure is such a great way to relax and fancy phalanges always makes me feel…well, fancy. Laqa & Co. recently sent me polish pens in Bounty Hunter and Birthday Suit and they make it so easy to paint your nails on the go that I’ve legitimately had to fight the urge to bring it with me and paint my nails on my commute. The only reason I resist is because I don’t want to end up on the cover of AM New York for causing nail polish fume riots on the subway.

5. Chloe + Isabel Jewels
I. Am. Obsessed. Their new limited edition collection is so incredibly fun and pretty that I don’t want to ever take the pieces off. I totally wouldn’t either if wearing statement jewelry to sleep was social acceptable/not painful. The terrace blooms post drop earrings here are easily my favorite pieces of jewelry right now.

6. Roasted Almonds
Almonds really only came in to my life on an every day basis recently. There are way too many health benefits to list right now (it’s a little too early on a Saturday morning for that), but you can read about some of them here. I’ve got to admit that flaming hot cheetos and peanut butter cups are much more appealing. I mean, really – both are just delicious! Still, almonds aren’t too bad of a snack especially when you throw in a few honey nut cheerios.

7. Eva Elms Camila Collar Necklace
I love supporting smaller and growing boutiques! As much as I love Target and bigger chains, I love knowing that I won’t walk down Times Square and see five other people wearing the exact same thing. This collar necklace is a great statement piece that is sure to catch the eye of all your friends. Two women stopped me on my way to work yesterday and asked me where I got it from!

8. Postcards
A great as it is to talk about jewelry, nail polish, etc., my absolute favorite things this month are these two postcards. My little sister, Rinda, has been studying abroad in the UK and sent me these postcards after visiting the Anne Frank house in Holland and doing the Warner Brothers Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter in London. These had me smiling from ear to ear as soon as they arrived. It really is about the little things in life sometimes, you know?

What have you been loving so far this month? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to respond!

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