The Secret Life.

OOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-Sutrathada Jacket – Ross (similar here and here ) // Dress – H&M // Boots – Target (similar here) // Purse – Vintage

I watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” this past weekend and absolutely loved it (and not just because Papa Johns and Cinnabon were in it either). I loved it because it made me feel inspired and excited about life. The movie is based on James Thurber’s short story about Walter Mitty, a day-dreamer who lives a relatively anonymous and seemingly unremarkable life. Walter escapes reality through his daydreams, but doesn’t ever really live out any of his dreams until his job as a Negative Assets Manager at LIFE Magazine falls into jeopardy. From there, he embarks on a journey all around the globe where he fights a shark and even escapes a volcano in search of a photo negative that is said to be “the quintessance of life”. I won’t give too much away because I think it’s definitely a movie for you to see yourself, but at one point a character tells Walter something that I think we should all hold close. The character says, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

That’s something that I’ve really begun to notice over the past year or so. I’ve found myself constantly being drawn to the small details, the things we’d normally just walk on by. Like the lace detailing on the bottom of the dress I’m wearing today. Or the beauty of a New York construction site. Or the woman on the subway who is exhausted from work and without a lick of make-up but who is on her way home to make dinner for her family. Beauty isn’t necessarily hours spent in front of a mirror or a bright new shiny building; it’s the little things – the ones that you pass by every day. Hope you’re having a lovely afternoon and finding beauty in everything today!

OOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaOOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaP.S. Don’t forget to enter my Instagram giveaway with Eva Elm for the gorgeous necklace I wore in my last outfit post! The contest ends on April 28 and is open worldwide (:

Monday Motivation.

Flower-Quote-Melanie-SutrathadaHappy Monday, darlings! Hope you all had the most amazing weekend full of celebrations, chocolate and lots of love. I spent Saturday exploring Manhattan and thrifting with a friend, working on my technique at tango classes, and putting together my latest article for TheUrbanRealist. Yesterday was spent cleaning, working on the back end of LACB and doing a really fun headshot shoot with one of Joe’s amazing classmates in Hoboken. It was definitely a great weekend and I’m grateful for it. I’ve been in a huge transition stage these past few weeks so taking the time to re-coup and take a step back was really wonderful. That being said, I know we’ve all got our own hustle going on and thought a little Monday motivation was exactly what we all needed.

Tying Up Loose Ends.

OOTD-Melanie-SutrathadaShirt – Express // Skirt – Target (actually a dress) // Sandals – Payless (similar here) // Jewelry courtesy of Chloe + Isabel // Purse – Vintage

It’s been pretty beautiful in New York and I am feeling so ready for the next few months. The sun has been shining, people are smiling (as much as New Yorkers are capable of) and I feel like there is so much possibility in the air. I’m feeling inspired to pursue more opportunities with my blog, writing, acting and even my wardrobe. I hope that you are feeling just as inspired and motivated wherever you are.

Things are starting to coming together in my life right now and I’m tying up loose ends (not just the ones on my blouse either). My most exciting news is that I’m going to start doing auditioning again! Even though it’s only been a few months since my last audition, it’s definitely nerve-wracking to get back in to it. I’ve been focusing a lot more on work, LACB and writing, so acting has been on the back burner.

What I’m realizing now is how often we put the things we care about on the back burner or we don’t talk about them because we’re embarrassed. I haven’t mentioned acting on the blog in a while because I haven’t really done much lately with it. I’ve been seeing plays and going to SAG-AFTRA workshops, but haven’t actually worked on a monologue or been in a scene study class in quite some time. To some degree, I’ve been embarrassed. Considering I moved across the country to pursue acting and continue my training and have done very little of either lately, I felt for a while like I was moving farther and farther away from my dreams and goals.

I’m realizing now that it’s ok to focus on other parts of your life though and that it doesn’t mean you’re unmotivated or unsuccessful. I am not defined by one specific thing. Yes, I’m an actress. But I am also a writer and a blogger. I’m a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend and a friend too. I am all of these things, but none takes away from the other. Instead, they feed into one another and make me a better person. All these things make me who I am. And guess what? I am really proud. Who I am right now is enough. I am enough. Even if I’m not exactly where I want to be, I’m taking the steps I need to and I’m going to get there slowly but surely. Sending positive vibes and big hugs your way today. And just know that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are in your life, I’m rooting for you.