What’s in My Travel Bag // Kipling Holiday Tour.


With the holidays nearing, I’m hoping to do a ton of traveling! That being said, this Kipling bag is going to be getting a lot of use. Kipling is announcing the grand opening for their first brick-and-mortar store in Soho, along with the launch of its holiday village, the #KiplingHoliday tour. Both events kicked off yesterday, and the #KiplingHoliday Tour begins in New York and stops in both Los Angeles and Orlando. Get ready for a Kipling Holiday Collection show wall, on-site monogramming, bespoke gift-wrapping, personalized sweets, photo booths, giveaways, and holiday DIY inspiration. I’m going to their event tonight from 5-9pm and would love for you to join me! You can RSVP here.

I’m used to trying to shove all my stuff in to one small bag and then have it overflowing with one million things. Gone are those days (hopefully). I say hopefully because I seem to have what I like to call “big bag syndrome.” You know, where you try to shove your entire house in to your bag. If I have a small, dainty clutch, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Once I saw this bag from Kipling though, I knew it had to be mine. I think it would also be the perfect gift for all my friends and family members who love to travel too. It’s versatile and roomy, so they won’t have to tote around numerous bags in the airport or while on their next trip to visit the parents.


Here are my travel essentials:

Sunglasses – For hiding tired eyes and also protecting them from the sun. Perfect for people-watching also (what’s the fun in traveling if you can’t silently creep on strangers?) These ones are from Sunglass Warehouse and are inexpensive and adorable.

Jewelry – A little sparkle never hurts. These are also some of my favorite earrings in the universe, so I never want to go anywhere without them. They’re Armed & Readi earrings from the Lisa Rosado x A&R Collection.

Snacks – I always pack a few granola bars. Anything with chocolate is bound to win my vote. I’d also recommend Cliff Bars, homemade peanut butter balls, or a banana. Any of these items will cost you almost triple the amount from the airport or convenience store. Bringing your own snacks also means that you can avoid the salty peanuts and terrible junk food (although sometimes a girl’s gotta have her cheez-its).

Portable charger – Perfect for making sure your phone has the battery to capture all those beautiful moments and also making sure you don’t get hopelessly lost (what would I do without you, Google Maps?!) This one is from Express and holds two full charges.

Camera – As much as I love my phone, there’s nothing like putting it away and just being there to enjoy the moment without checking Facebook, answering the emails that are coming in from the office, and trying to get the perfect selfie of you and your friends drinking margaritas. A camera will help you to capture some great moments but keep you more present.

Blanket scarf – These end up coming in so much handy. Mine is always used in some way. Maybe it’s adding a little pizzazz to your outfit or acting as a blanket on chilly plane rides. Regardless, you’ll be grateful you brought it.

Pen and paper – The planner is from Gigi New York and the dog print pen is PJ Salvage. I love to take notes everywhere I go. Whether it’s a list of places I want to visit on the trip, a grocery list or a must-download playlist, a pen and paper are a must whenever you’re on the road.

Lip balm and a bright color – I typically use a little salve when I’m getting from place to place. If I’m planning on heading to dinner after I land or meeting someone, I love to swipe on a quick bold lip. This LAQA&Co color is one of my favorites because it’s really flattering on everyone and you don’t need a mirror to put it on (that in itself is amazing).


These are my absolute basics, but when I have the space for it (like I do now thanks to Kipling)  I also pack my laptop (loaded with a fun movie or two), hair ties, a book, extra toiletries (packing a travel-size toothbrush has come in handy more times than I could count) and an extra change of clothes. I’m an over planner, but it’s definitely all come in handy on more than one occasion.

As the holidays get nearer, I’m thinking this Kipling bag is going to stay consistently packed. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do in the world and I’m hoping to do a lot more of it in the next month and a half. What are your travel basics? What’s in your bag? Leave me a comment below or be sure to tell me at tonight’s event!

Thank you to Kipling for sponsoring today’s post and helping me get ready for holiday traveling!

OOTD: Matching Sets and the Unexpected.

Melanie-Sutrathada-OOTD-1Top and skirt – Lotus Boutique // Coat – J Crew via Crossroads Trading Co. // Heels – Guilty Soles // Wallet – Thrifted // Jewelry courtesy of Armed & Readi (the LACB x Armed & Readi collection!)

I absolutely adore matching sets. This one in particular has a great vintage feel because of the print and cut, but still feels modern because of the zipper detailing. It’s actually my first matching set since I was about five (I used to rock a Little Mermaid one) but it definitely won’t be my last.

I’ve been thinking a lot about matching lately and things that come together. Two of the main draws are that they’re easy and can be paired together without a second thought. They’re comfortable and help to put you at ease like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and burgers and fries (why were all those food-related?)
Melanie-Sutrathada-OOTD-8What I really love though is when two things get paired together that may be unexpected. I love polka dots and stripes. Big statement necklaces like this gorgeous one from Armed & Readi feel even more fun with a bold printed set. I mean, my blog is even named “Lace and Combat Boots”. There is something really wonderful about going against what is common. About things that you wouldn’t have ordinarily paired together. Like a big gangsterish-looking man reading 50 Shades of Grey (I really saw this on the subway) or befriending someone who you didn’t think you would (like Cady, Damien and Janice in Mean Girls).

Whether you’re deciding to mix cheetah print and sequins, pickles and hot cheetos (was I the only one who did this in middle school?) or to maybe even say hello to someone you might normally not speak to, I’m a firm believer that good things can come from the unexpected.

Melanie-Sutrathada-OOTD-10 Melanie-Sutrathada-OOTD-11
I want to hear all about your unexpected moments and favorite matching sets! Leave me a comment or say hello on social!

Photos by Guerrilla Photography

Sunday Notes.

Floral Image(Photo via Polka Dot Pattern)

Well hello there! I hope you’ve all been having a wonderful weekend. Mine has been spent catching up with one of my best friends friend who’s been visiting from California, settling in to my new apartment in Brooklyn and being in winter-denial. Here are the links that have been keeping me positive and smiling all week.

1.  The 11 most obnoxious things men say to women and what we should reply with. #1 is brilliant. (marieclaire.com)

2.  30 signs you follow too many fashion bloggers on Instagram. This exactly. (stylecaster.com)

3.  I’m definitely guilty of most of these food signs that you’re definitely a tourist in New York. (huffingtonpost.com)

4. 12 inspiring quotes from Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Life weekend.

5. 3 words. Abraham Lincoln cologne. I need all 34 of these thrift store finds. (huffingtonpost.com)

6. Hairstyle hacks that you should know. (buzzfeed.com)

What’s been catching your eye this week? Leave a comment below or say hello on Twitter today!